Cocomotion’s mission statement: "We exist to move people."

What this means is that we practice asana. Asana is the physical movement within a yoga practice. We are teaching others to tie breath, focus, and body movement together, creating a flow. Flow means, ease. Ease helps you do what you do on the mat, and then follows you off the mat.

What we do in our classes is designed to make you stronger, more flexible, and gives you a meditation experience. No one will be bored in these classes, and everyone can get deep into their own bodies.  We look at a 3000 year old philosophy to get stronger, and truthfully to eliminate your gym membership. Through our movement, your body becomes your gym.

We are a yoga studio that focuses on meditation, movement and breath. We emphasize on the Asana (Physical movement) and Pranayama (Breath work) practice to help us with our every day lives. To bend easier, sit easier, and pick things up easier. Through repetition in our classes, we build up your heart rate and create a room of working bodies. This allows people to lose weight, feel good and introduce an overall holistic wellness for everyone walking in and out of the door.

 For a lot of people who practice with us, it is to help them let go and come back to a meditative flow. Meditation is one point of focus for a certain amount of time. We want to be a studio that focuses on asana, pranayama, and meditation all together. We pride ourselves in being the people who help you build the foundation for your yoga practice. Opening you up to what comes next; that is, if you would like. We are yoga for the regular people, and for the masses. We give everyone a chance and opportunity to do yoga on all levels.

“We exist to move people” is more then the word movement, meaning to physically move. It can be how you look at the world, how you breathe, how you experience relationships, and how you look at your life. People become more open and vulnerable through their body and their perspective.

“I hope what we do moves people to be the best person they can be. Lets move!”

- Coco