All classes are open level, which means they are open to everyone who comes through the door. This is not “Hot Yoga” but we create our own heat through sequencial motion to allow the body to open and move more safely. At Cocomotion you can expect a dynamically inspired flow to fresh playlists that welcomes and encourages students of every age, size, and asana practice. Each class begins with an awakening series that leads into a beautifully bold vinyasa flow.  CocoMotion provides an environment for the yogi to push themselves through movement with breathe. We hold a friendly, supportive, and loving atmosphere where deep connections exists between the diverse members of the CocoMotion community. It is a real practice for real people. It is more than asana. It extends far beyond the mat.  It is real yoga for real people.

Grow and challenge yourself: see how far you can really go in body, mind and spirit. Bring what you learn on the mat with you as you flow through life more open to challenges, inviting to peace, and conscious of your actions.  

Our studio is one of the most inviting and welcoming yoga spaces with teachers who really love and care about maintaining a pure vibe. In this community you will be amongst a diverse and supportive yoga sangha, where attentive focus is placed on every one of its students. Instructors lead a flow that presents challenges to the student as opportunities to see his or her own practice grow. Within the walls of this studio motivation, support and adjustments are provided to encourage the physical, mental and spiritual growth of the practioner. 



Step on to your mat. Move more. 
Breathe more. Feel more.
Call to learn more at 631.509.4090