Our signature Class.

This is a standard sequence that begins with an awakening series leading into a beautifully bold vinyasa flow. Partnered with the movement, the environment is created for the mover to push themselves through challenge with breath(pranayama). True meditation exists within the motion. The flow presents challenges to the students as opportunities to experience the truth of the body and its connection to mind and spirit. This is an exhilarating flow for a free life.

basic MOTION

Experience our signature cocomotion sequencing at a slower pace, so you can build a solid foundation with healthy alignment and breath awareness.

Personal attention, modifications, and use of props make this class perfect for both beginners and seasoned practitioners seeking more knowledge and precision!

Recommended for newer yogis as preparation for our Open level classes.


This experience is a guaranteed trip.

The fusion of Yin yoga with our traditional flow will create a euphoric, deeply meditative, mind melting, heart opening experience.

The flow aspect of this journey will ask us to call upon our strength + balance. The heat and internal awareness we cultivate will help us burn off excess energy and allow for a quieting of our bodies and minds in order to drop more fully into the Yin shapes.

These longer...deeper... held shapes and stretches are designed to release connective tissues and create space and integrity in the joints -and the mind- and allow for our energy to flow freely.

We will together explore a completely organic, radically altered state of consciousness in safe space through our breath, movement, radiating stillness, + surrender.


ZenMotion is a relaxed flow of passive stretching. We go into 10-12 traditional poses for about 5 minutes each, using blocks and bolsters to ease gently into the form. Light massage and essential oils add to an amazing zen way to begin your day

restorative ZEN sessions

Rest, restore and renew with relaxed yoga poses using bolsters, blocks and blankets, and light massage with essential oils. The last 30 minutes of our practice we will be guided through a yoga nidra meditation.
No yoga or meditation experience necessary.