The yogic path is the journey of our union with the heartbeat of the Universe, the essence which resides in all of us. We are all One. Aum. We are Limitless. Ananta. We are all made of energy and our nature, just like the universe, is movement and change. Spanda
— Dawn DeLeonardis

Coco Teodoro

To move myself.

To move others.

To move the practice of yoga ahead.

When I first started, yoga was something I needed to do for my own well-being, both health-wise and spiritually.

But along my journey, I discovered a passion for teaching and—hopefully—inspiring.

By observing the movement of real people in the real world I was inspired by a collective of yoga philosophy like Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Dharma yoga, and the world and waves around me. I developed a standard sequence that begins with an awakening series leading into a beautifully bold vinyasa flow. Partnered with the movement, the environment is created for the mover to push themselves through challenge with breath. True meditation exists within the motion. The flow presents challenges to the student as opportunities to experience the truth of the body and its connection to the mind and spirit. There are no walls, boundaries or pinnacle point, the practice transforms as the connection to the soul expands. Deep connection exists between the diverse members of our sangha, community. It is a real practice for real people. It is more than asana. It extends far beyond the mat. It is an exhilarating flow for a free life.

I look forward to taking my unique style, and perspective on yoga and movement to the next level with you.

Jane Irvine

So they say when you discover your personal legend that the first steps come with so much ease and peace. Then the challenges seek you out in all forms of lessons and trials. From there, you recognize the waves, the ebbs and flows, and eventually the challenges make you smile because you recognize them as symbols of growth. This is my yoga. I live yoga and through it I came to know who I am. Before the practice, anxiety ruled my thoughts and interfered with so much of my creative expression. Now, I understand that I can make decisions and live so freely because I trust myself. I trust my practice, my breath, my health, and my thinking mind.

I love to go upside down because in that moment, there is only consciousness and my world pauses. Only my breath and the intensity in my own hands exist. In those moments I learn stillness. “The lake is still, When I’m quiet I heal, Only Love is real.” -MC Yogi

So finding yourself is hard, serving others is finding yourself. Through love and passion we have the power to inspire others to live their best life. I want to show you that Love is a state of existence. Yoga will guide you to the thoughts that disturb the inherent health and well being that already exist at your core. Discovering your breath will allow you to trust that your happiness already lies within your soul. Soul seeking starts from within. First we build a relationship with the universe through deep breathing, then the layers. Strength first, then control, then sensitivity. Every class is an opportunity to draw in like minds and create energy through flow that we can all experience. Once we practice together, you're in my heart.

Christianne Gentry

Rachel Liciaga

By day I work in the IT field maintaining computer networks, never thought I’d be teaching yoga. A little over a year ago I embarked on this journey of self-discovery and fell in love with powerlifting and yoga. Through Yoga and movement, I've discovered parts of myself I never thought possible. My True Self, my strengths, opportunity, etc. but most importantly my CONFIDENCE, My voice. Every day is a new journey. I love to share my experiences with others who begin their relationship with yoga, opening their hearts and minds. When you enter the studio, regardless of what you’re going through, the asana allows you to challenge yourself, shed the monkey mind, to be vulnerable, free of labels, to be YOU!

Laura Deutsch

Happiest when surrounded by the five men in my life... 4 sons- and my husband. Eternally grateful for the simplicity of movement, and breathing in...and out. Inspired by the incredible mentors, friends,

teachers and students that surround me each and every day to share my love of yoga with. Beyond excited to continue on the path of sharing, learning, love, light, grounding and pure joy.


Jeanine Donohue

I like to think about how we all have a different rhythm that we move to, a sequence we are trying to figure out. So, I want you to think of something you like to do… Personally, I like dancing and in the picture, you can see I love being near or in the ocean. Those are two of many things I enjoy doing and they make up parts of my tangible world. – whatever the activity is and with whomever we do it with, we all have our own way of finding our rhythm externally, but the true sequence we must figure out, is the one that connects beyond our experiences, beyond the people, and deep within us. I’m learning more and more every day that the rhythm we try to identify outside of ourselves, all truly centers and stems from the rhythm in our heart. Our heartbeat! Sometimes we will dance in the dark, or dance in the vibrant light – but if we stay open, and trust the source of the beat, we will be alright! When we move with just ourselves, and listen to our heart we start to understand what we really want. It is a balancing act and it is aiming to be mindful as hell to know that every experience we sense around us, brings us closer to our true selves! Every day, whether dark or light, I aim to be the purest form of me, to guide you to be the purest form of you – whatever that might be for that day. When we are confident within, everything we need is delivered to us in that same confidence. The community and experiences you surround yourself with should make you feel safe and supportive in finding your rhythm. Find a space built with the most energetic heart beats. That’s what I am discovering here.

Hopefully we will cross paths and dance together in class soon!! xox Keep it real people.

Jenny Melton

Almost 2 years ago I walked into cocomotion. I saw beauty, flexibility, strength, and lots of sweat. I was intrigued. But I hadn't even discovered what I was really participating in. When I entered the studio I never imagined the opportunity it has bought to my life and others. Every time I came to the mat I felt a shift. I couldn't put words to it, I just knew things were changing. Then I realized I was feeling. I hadn't truly listened, truly felt, truly saw in a very long time. I was experiencing life through my own senses, not through the lens of others. Simply said, I was becoming aware. With awareness I fell in love. It took me a little while to quit the 3 gyms I belonged to. I kept asking myself is this real? Can I have everything I've been looking for through yoga? It sounded absurd, for I was brand new to the practice. As I continued to practice my perspective shifted more and more. Oh, it was real. But everything I needed wasn't right in front of me, it was all within me. I had the power. I had the ability. I was worthy of everything I had dreamed of. And that is what yoga is about. It is whatever YOU want it to be.The most beautiful part about yoga is knowing it all lies within YOU. There is nothing to strive for. Our purest selves reflect our deepest truths. Once I recognized my perspective shifting, my anxiety and doubts dissipating, and my happiness prospering I realized I was more than intrigued, I was madly in love. I had found passion. As soon as cocomotion said they were holding their first Teacher Training I was instantly all in, for I knew this love and passion had to be spread. I teach yoga for that reason only: to spread the truth of our deepest selves through movement, breath, and inner healing. Teaching is the most beautiful gift I've experienced and I am honored to be a part of such a supportive, inspiring group of human BEings. I will continue to spread the love and teach my soul out, but I promise you I am learning from you. You are the gift to this world.

Ashley Schultheis

There's nothing that gives me more anxiety than having to write, especially writing about myself. But I'm sure the anxiety I feel right now is something similar to what everyone feels the first time they roll out their mat, the first time they make the decision to walk into a studio and try something different. But then something funny happens throughout that first yoga class, you start to breathe and with each breath the anxiety slowly starts to flow out of you and as I write this the anxiousness that I was feeling to write these words, slowly starts to lessen. One of the most important things I’ve learned throughout my yoga journey is that laughter is the best medicine. Everytime you step on your mat allow yourself to stop taking yourself so seriously. Let go of the feeling of frustration and let your breath move you freely. Laugh when you fall down, smile at the person next to you and #letthatshitgo. Acknowledge your progress and find acceptance in the struggle but most importantly smile and laugh. That shits contagious and what cocomotion’s all about. So next time you’re doubting yourself, let it go, put on a crown, eat the cupcake and have the drink. Be the badass warrior that you know you are. Hope to catch all you beautiful souls on the mat soon, you can find me in the front falling out of my crow

Laura Ruhnke

Nicole Dornicik

We are always striving for balance in life and although life is never perfect I'm content with where my balance is at this moment in time. I'm an audiologist, a mom, a wife and I get to teach a little yoga too. I've always wanted to be where I am today but you never know where life is going to take you. Our practice allows us to meet so many in our community and allow each individual the chance to find their own bliss. The beautiful part of yoga is that while I am guiding others using my voice for their benefit, it is also bringing me into a more meditative state. When you roll out your mat that is your little rectangle of real estate that's all for you, no matter what brought you into the studio that particular day. Carving out that hour or so for you, no matter how busy life gets is so crucial to keeping that balance. I don't know know where I would be with out yoga, without our studios. If you haven't given us a try or it's been awhile come back and see why we all love it so very much. See you on the mat soon!