About Jane,


The Yoga Practice continues to blow my mind and open my eyes every time I come back to the mat.  Each time, I have the experience of becoming my truest self.  I see myself clearly, just as I am.  I am a Mother, a Teacher, a Student and above all, I am Human.  This flow allows me the space to navigate through all of that.  Over time it has become less of a navigation and more of a dance.  The breath tells me where to move, the movement sets me free.  

    The magic is in the vibrations. The strength in the focus of a small drip of sweat or the soft skin of my pinky is the connection to creating stillness within the waves of my mind. In a space of freedom, fluid motion, acceptance and love, the vibes radiate and heal. For me, this practice has been the Drishti for my life.  I rely on the time I put into the practice to give me the pause I need to let go and create a lifestyle of flow.  I practice to embody the eight-limb path in my world to make sense of the energy that surrounds us all and find peace.

   I share this practice as I live this practice.   It was a consistent daily flow, alone, in my own space that ultimately changed and enhanced my life. When I decided to teach, it came from a voice within that I absolutely trusted. It was a spark of a thought while holding and reaching in trikonasana that has led to such a clear, divine path of teaching yoga.  Once the idea was created, I held onto it, I dove in completely to the notion of movement for life.  Despite the challenge and adversity that comes with personal growth and evolution, I maintained my truest intention to share my love for a lifestyle that encourages peace, movement, meditation.  Teaching yoga and expanding on my training through time has been the greatest gift to myself and as a result I have had the incredible opportunity of growth within a community of people that I love and admire.   I have intimately shared this practice and continue to grow and create alongside the beautiful people I move with.

Now, given the opportunity to educate and inspire other courageous seekers to teach their practice, I feel completely humbled and in gratitude.  I believe in the power of this practice, I believe in the power of flow and self-love, and I strongly believe that it is meant to be shared. To be a part of the expansion of Yoga as a whole is an honor that I hold with extraordinarily high esteem. I will always maintain the pure Vibes I experience within the foundation of our signature Cocomotion Movement and the purity of our incredibly growing family.