Kids In Motion Teacher Training


Imagination is 3 layers. When you’re born and you’re a small child, absolutely everything is imagination. There are no words to limit, label or describe, it’s all just this magical experience of absorbing and creating energy. The second layer comes as an older child with maybe a little life experience. Imagination becomes a source of limitless possibilities to build or visualize.
It is taking ideas from your mind to make pretend scenarios, play time, writing or art. The third layer comes as an adult. At this platform we have the concept of imagination as simply a word to describe childlike wonder. This idea of imagination has to be tapped into because we are living through the eyes of wisdom and judgment rather than simply marveling at the world around us.
— Philosophy by Noah Irvine...age 9


Our Children are the Future. From us they inherit the world; an abundance of Love, knowledge, esteem, and energy.  And from them, we learn just as much, if not more. We embrace our sense of wonder, exploration, freedom of expression, innate creativity, and purity.  The journey of childhood to adulthood can be intimidating and challenging if we allow society and our minds to take over. There are many ways to help smooth the adventure of their maturation. Yoga can unite the purely magical energy exchange between childhood and adulthood by immersing in the present moment. When we teach children, we increase awareness of a lifestyle practice from their roots to their rise.

Do you Exist to Move The Future of the World?!

The Art of Children's Yoga and Meditation, by KIDS in MOTION will include:

  • Theory of Movement for Children

  • The Eight Limbs of the Kids Yoga Tree

  • Acro and Group Yoga

  • Cool Tricks, Games, Fun, Action for all ages from Toddler to Teen

  • Breathwork and Relaxation Techniques

  • Establishing Mindfulness Concepts

  • Creating the Environment of Peace

  • Inspired Sequencing

  • Intuitive Flow

  • Imagination

  • Creation

  • Meditation

  • Trust


Cultivate a Unique Teaching Strategy.  Specialize in Teaching Kids Yoga.

Share your practice around the world, within studio classes, education environments, sport teams, activities, parties and within your own home.  The possibilities are truly limitless. Yoga is the freedom of creation through education, wisdom, and intuition. the process is exquisite how we share, spread, and evolve the world!

Imagine a World where the Language was only LOVE, the mind was an open Book and Eyes stayed Filled with Beauty and Curiosity!!!

50 Hour Kids IN Motion Teacher Training with Jane Irvine

October 2018

Important Dates

Informal Discussion Meeting: September  23, 2018

Registration with Deposit: October 8, 2018

Training Dates and Times:

Weekend 1:

Friday, October 26, 6-10pm

Saturday, October 27, 1-8pm

Sunday, October 28, 1-8pm

Weekend 2:

Friday, November 2, 6-10pm

Saturday, November 3, 1-8pm

Sunday, November 4, 1-8pm



$100 discount will apply to Graduates of The Cocomotion School of Yoga 200 Teacher Training

*It is not a prerequisite to be a yoga instructor at the time of this training, this is an ideal program for all in the universe of childhood leadership and education.  

**The Yoga Alliance requires instructors receive 30 hours of Continued Education work towards your certification.  This is a qualifying continued Education School and meets that criteria.