We do it for the LOVE



Our community spotlight is a collection of stories and interviews about the beautiful members of our family that have moved us in a way that we’ve never been moved before.

in this months new community spotlight we had the blessing to sit and talk with Barbara weltsek, a local artist and beloved student, about her yogic journey, inspirations, and creations.

What moves you Barbara to create such beauty thought art? and to then share it so freely and fearlessly?

Wow! "Freely and fearlessly"- Not!  I wanted to fill the blank space where it now hangs and knew the materials I'd like to see there.  I tried to make it a collaboration because I didn't want to be presumptuous in hanging my "art" on someone else's real estate!  The doing can be fearless; the sharing, not so much. I have no training and often wonder if that holds me back.

Why do you create?

I have always created something-painted discarded fencing to flags, fairy gardens in my yard- living plants, my vegetable garden has art elements-I built my potting bench from garbage, an ancient copper screen bears my version of Starry Night. My husband brings home items thrown in the garbage that he thinks I can transform.  He's very inspiring with his challenges. I hang on to things other toss and wait for them to talk to me. My daughter's old bed slats told me to do this.

of all the spaces + studios to practice yoga + meditation why did you choose us, the speakeasy of breath and movement tucked in next to a trash compactor in the back parking lot of Marshals? `

This past October I had to make some major changes in my life for my health and I had done yoga about 10 years ago.  There was in a quaint storefront with a devoted teacher and a fabulous group. She lost her lease and rented the corner of a karate studio.  The vibe was killed. I stopped. November past I looked for another quaint studio. I tried 6 studios and did not feel anything beyond rote poses.  I tried Coco's. The community is just that- a community. People talk to each other and share non-yoga elements of their lives. The teachers seem to float effortlessly and treat students as if they can too.  It's a very loving atmosphere. And there is poetry and beauty in the words I hear from them in class. It seems those words flow into gently commandments unique to the Coco practice. (and Coco's unique prompts peppered in salty terms) I've been to other studios.  I've not heard poetic encouragement or words beyond prompts. I codified the words that touched me uttered by unaware teachers just being their nurturing selves. And the bonus of art appreciation tied into yoga is inspirational in itself.

But Barbara, this creation is truly one of a kind, what is the divine madness that inspired such moving work of art?

This piece I’ve titled "Coco's Commandments" and I wanted the slats to mimic the stained lumber at your flagship Patchogue Village location. I wanted the "COCOMOTIONYOGA" in brushed silver letters to form an "X" from corner to corner, forwards and backwards (like yoga moves).

But the puzzle to me is the real art; fitting the poetic language and Coco's tag lined (breathe muthafucka, show up shit changes, etc. was a challenge that took over  months- I'd hear something new and have to rearrange things- but what a joyful project.

In hanging it, I wanted to bring in Coco's Urban Zen aesthetic and used chains and locks- that's also why the X letters are brushed metal.

As stated, I was tentative about being presumptuous that you'd want to hang it. But the vibe of the studio lends itself to some fierceness. And when Christianne popped over and encouraged me- I thought it was be OK.  

I am so moved by nurturing people, unique places and garbage my ever-loving husband challenges me with.

We love you guys and I look forward to art and yoga with you!

Barbara we are so thankful for you sharing your story, inspiration, and light with us and our community, BIG LOVE!